How To Style a Bodysuit For That Trendy and Chic Look


Bodysuits have been around for quite some time now and it seems like they are here to stay! Everyone loves them, especially ever since Kim and Khloe Kardashian were sported rocking this wardrobe must-have. Apart from having a stamp of approval from the Kardashians, a good bodysuit will make you look super flattering, no matter what body type you have. You may think a ReoRia bodysuit is not worth investing in since you can just tuck in any shirt in your wardrobe, but that’s where you are wrong. Not only does a bodysuit give you that effortless tuck in effect, but it is also quite versatile and can easily be used to make a statement.

ReoRia Bodysuit


Now that we’ve covered all the reasons why you need a bodysuit, let’s talk about some tips and ideas on how you can style a bodysuit:

Use As a Base Layer

Trust us when we say this, a bodysuit looks flattering on every bodysuit. Infact, a good bodysuit can even help enhance your curves in the best way possible. The Light A Flame Sleeveless ReoRia Bodysuit is a favorite of many and for good reason. It’s got a simple look but with a trendy square neckline and is designed to make your waist look snatched. It’s available in many colors and is therefore great to be used as a base layer for your outfit. Wear it with an oversized button-up shirt for a casual look or spice it up with a fancy jacket for a night-time appeal.

Women's Sexy Square Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit I REORIA

Play With Different Necklines

When it comes to bodysuits, you can have fun playing with different necklines. Since each bodysuit looks pretty much the same from the bottom half, it’s important to fill your wardrobe with pieces that have different kinds of necklines.

Women's Long Sleeve Ribbed Turtleneck Bodysuit I REORIA

The Peekaboo Criss Cross Bodysuit from ReoRia is sexy and chic, while the High Society Turtleneck Bodysuit offers more coverage. It’s all about what the occasion is and what vibe you are going for.  

Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to wear a bodysuit:



Starting off with some inspo from Kim K, she’s wearing a basic scoop neck bodysuit with some skinny jeans and a pair of heels. An outfit we all can easily recreate!



Keep the casual vibe going by pairing a scoop neck bodysuit with some denim shorts and an oversized shirt on top.


Bundle up for the cold season by layering a long sleeve bodysuit with some mom jeans and a puffer coat.



There’s nothing better than a classic combo of a black bodysuit with some white wide leg pants. Style with ankle booties and wear this outfit out for the night.

Stock up on ReoRia bodysuits right away! Check out our full collection here; we’ve got something for everyone!

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