REORIA is an unrestrained brand creating going out bodysuits, corsets, and crop tops for every body.

By creating a new generation of double lined, the right amount of stretch fabric to hugs your curves and support your body perfectly, breaking the tradition that women must wear shapewear or bras when going out, providing free and comfortable dressing experience.


Wholesale price

MOQ 20 pcs get 65% discount.

MOQ 100 pcs get 70% discount.

(The price of MOQ doesn't include any taxes or shipping fees.)



There are three shipping methods are available: Standard shipping, Express shipping.

(Now Express Shipping Is available only in USA and UK. Other countries can contact us for more information.)


Depending on the weight of the item, there are several shipping methods to choose from Shipping Weight:

Less than 21KG: Standard shipping

More than 21KG: express,air

More than 100KG: Sea Freight Shipping




Arrived in the United States: 5-12 working days

Arrived in the Europe : 5-15 working days



Arrived in the United States: 

Express: 2-4 working days

Air Express: 7-15 working days

Arrived in the Europe :

Express (currently only available in the UK): 5-10 working days

Air Express: 7-15 working days



Arrived in the United States: 

Sea Freight Shipping: Within 35 working days(Unstability)

Arrived in the Europe : 

Sea Freight Shipping: Within 50 working days(Unstability)




  1. We don't cover any shipping fees, taxes, or marketing expenses.
  2. We don't accept any returns or refunds, but if there are any quality problems with the item, just feel free to contact us to exchange at any time.
  3. Shipping costs are based on the quantity of the item.
  4. Delivery time = processing time + shipping time. Processing time is generally 1-2 working days.
  5. The retail price is subject to the price on the website.

If you're interested in wholesale,  feel free to reach out.

contact us:perlie@reoria.com