From Runway to Real Life: ReoRia Bodysuits Embracing High Fashion Inspiration


In the dynamic world of fashion, the glitz and glamour of the runway often feel distant from our everyday lives. However, ReoRia is a fashion-forward label that has mastered the art of translating runway inspiration into wearable, versatile bodysuits.

The brand's designers are passionate about identifying key elements, colors, prints, and silhouettes that make high-fashion designs stand out. ReoRia has been featured in prominent fashion publications such as Tebigeek, People, InStyle, Women'sHealth, Bustle, Hello, and more.

Capturing Runway Trends

Join us as we explore the exciting journey from the runway to real life with ReoRia's stunning collection of bodysuits.

Monochromatic Magic

Monochromatic Bodysuits. Image Source: RUNWAY by Bodysuitsme

The runway has seen a resurgence of monochromatic outfits, showcasing a single colour in different shades and textures. ReoRia embraces this trend by offering bodysuits in various monochromatic color schemes. Consider styling a monochromatic ReoRia bodysuit with matching trousers or a skirt for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Sculptural Silhouettes

Sexy Bodysuit. Image Source: Pinterest

Architectural shapes and exaggerated silhouettes have made waves in high fashion. ReoRia captures this trend by introducing sexy bodysuits with unique

structural elements such as oversized sleeves, voluminous ruffles, or dramatic draping. These details add a touch of drama and make a powerful fashion statement.

Cut-Out Chic

Cut-out-Bodysuit. Image Source: Pretty Little Things

ReoRia has embraced the trend of strategic cut-outs seen on the runway, adding a contemporary and edgy element to their bodysuits. Whether it's a stylish cut-out at the waist, back, or shoulders, these designs create a captivating and modern silhouette. Pair a Cut-Out ReoRia Bodysuit with high-waisted pants or a skirt for an outfit that exudes confidence and style.

Statement Sleeves

Puff Sleeves Bodysuit. Image Source: Pinterest

Dramatic sleeves have been a prominent feature on the runway, and ReoRia has incorporated this trend into its bodysuit collection. Their designs add a touch of drama and sophistication, from long sleeves to structured puff sleeves. Style a statement Puff Sleeve ReoRia Bodysuit with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for a fashionable and eye-catching look.

V-Neck Allure

V Neck Bodysuit. Image Source: Luli Fame

V-neck is a timeless design that is incredibly flattering and versatile. Style a V-neck bodysuit with wide-leg trousers, a tailored blazer, and pumps for a sleek and professional outfit that transitions seamlessly from the office to after-work events.

Ribbed Textures

Ribbed Bodysuit. Image Source: ASOS

ReoRia incorporates ribbed textures into their bodysuits, providing a modern and body-contouring effect. Opt for a Ribbed Bodysuit in neutral tones for a minimalist aesthetic or go for vibrant hues to make a bold fashion statement.

Halter Neck Glamour

Halter Neck Bodysuit. Image Source: Stradivarius

Make a statement with ReoRia's Halter Neck bodysuits. These bodysuits exude elegance and allure, perfect for nights out or special occasions. Pair a halter neck bodysuit with a high-waisted skirt and strappy heels for a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Layering Delight

Sleeveless Bodysuit. Image Source: Pinterest

 Layer a sleeveless bodysuit with a lightweight cardigan, a chunky knit scarf, and jeans for a cozy and stylish fall or winter outfit.

Athleisure Chic

Turtleneck Bodysuit. Image Source: Instyle

     Combine a Turtle Neck ReoRia Bodysuit with high-waisted leggings, a bomber jacket, and sneakers for an athletic-inspired look that effortlessly blends comfort and style.

Date Night Glam

Corset Bodysuit. Image Source: Vogue

     Opt for a sexy and sophisticated look by pairing a Corset-Inspired ReoRia Bodysuit with tailored pants or a fitted skirt. Complete the ensemble with heels, statement jewellery, and a clutch for a captivating and confident appearance on your next romantic evening.

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