Every shoe has a heel. It could be a small one or a large one. So what is a heal?  It is a projection falls under the heel bone of the shoes which allows balancing properly while you walking. It also used to increase the height of the wearer artificially.  High heeled shoes are commonly used by women.  Heeled shoes are fashion statement especially when moving in Party functions.


Choosing the right heels, especially high heels, you need to have a clear understanding of your body type.  Stiletto heels are for those people who are highly fashion conscious. Especially regular Club visitors, Stiletto is good option to look fashionable among the crowd.  It increases the height of the wearer and let the wearer have well posture.  Your body curves will be sensual with the projection, the heel shoe can give.


For Wedding party, you can wear cute stiletto shoes.  That can give you the required height and sweet look. But remember these shoes are good for slender build, lean people. Flat heeled shoes will be ideal for heavier build people. Flat heeled shoes will be easier to handle as it can give a proportionate balancing.


Matching Sunglasses with your pair shoes are always a must. If you wear a highly vintage heeled shoes, there must be good complimenting attire and sunglass to match with your style that can give you the kind of thrust.


Bodycon dresses are tight fitting cloths, made up of so many stripes clothes stitched together to give an impressive look. It would be an ideal dress combination when worn with big sunglass with skin tight Bodycon dress.  All your shopping requirement will be well answered through ReoRia online stores.

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