Flats are commonly used for Ballet dance hence it is also called as ballet slipper. It comes with thin heel or without heel at all and may be absolutely flat below to the foot. Various colors and pattern of Flats are available in the market that can go well synchronized with the Dress, you may wear for the parties. The toe portion can be featured with stylish ribbon tied criss-cross or can have covered box type portion towards the front side of the Flats.


Using matching Scarves while using Flat shoe are best option to enhance your personal appeal.  Flat shoes are fantastic casual wears. Today it has come out from the bracket of Ballet shoe category to a common daily casual wear shoes to common wear flat chapel.  With a V - type strap fixed on flat base, the chapel seems to be used for almost all casual usage.


Boho is the trendy modern dress style adapted from bohemian clothing. This is the new fashion buzz word among the celebrity circles. When opting for a Boho style dress, you need to put little more effort on bohemian make up styling.


Boho dress can be further enhanced by allowing having ethnic Print or considering having African or even Indian mural prints over your dress. Combination of Boho dress with suitable Scarves gives you a chic look.


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