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Shoes are footwear used to protect foot while engaged in various activities. Lots of designer innovations and material experiments have been involved in evolving the shoes to the present form of foot wears. Men, Women and Children use different type of shoes and also the types of shoes used in occasions also vary depending on the situation.


Ladies and girls use high heeled shoes. Basic shoes shall be having a small heel but shoes that highly fashion oriented shall be having high heeled shoes and also made of expensive materials. Flats are common among ladies, especially ballet parties.  It is ideal for quick dance moments. Ballet Flats are made of soft materials with attractive colored canvas.


While wearing vintage shoes, matching retro Vest is commonly selected by fashion conscious people. You can have various types of vests, like sweater vest, banyan vest and leather vest.  Vests are generally used as a garment instead of coat, which are heat resistant and also easy to handle.


Long shoes are good at times and also if not handled create inconvenience. Those who suffer from blisters while using fitting size shoes can go with long shoes.  But people who are uncomfortable in wearing long shoes can use it by stuffing tissue or cloths inside the shoe. Bigger shoes are better than those shoes are bit tighter.


Depending on the function Stripe shoes will be matching combination, when used with attractive Strip tops or T-shirt.  You can have all your fashion, vintage & cute requirements from ReoRia's online shop which is opened 24 hours and 365 days in a year.

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