For, we hope customers submit and share good shopping ratings in our online store. Of course, there are some customers give us bad reviews because of some small questions, so we also will specify website community comments. 


1. Product Reviews


We welcome and like the customers who give us good reviews. Giving us good ratings not only is the recognition for products, but also the recognition of our online store, you can also get extra reward. For detailed information, please refer to Award Policy.


If customers are not satisfied with products, service or logistics, please email to our after sale department, we will try our best to solve the problem for you. You can also refer to our Return & Exchange Policy. For the bad comments, we have the right to refuse to pass.


2. Blog Comments


You can publish suggestions and comments in our outfits & style tips zone. Active our blog community is what we want.

You can also write a blog about your own outfits and email to us, after approval, we will give you certain bonus, please refer to Award Policy for detailed information.

Although our blog comments are fully open-up, for spam comments, third-party links comments and insignificant comments, we have the right to refuse to pass and delete.


3. Social Media Comments


You can visit our social media, such as Facebook, twitter, pinterest where we will publish some new products and designers termly. If you feel good, then please like us or comment and share to your friends. For your comments, we will reply as soon as possible, of course, for the purpose of SEO, we will delete insignificant comments. In order to create a healthy internet environment, we need to work together.


Note: We just reply English comments, for other language comments, we will check, but will not reply one by one.