Vest is commonly used by men, women and children. It acts as a cozy extra protective yet attractive piece of cloth worn on the outer side of your dress. Vests are ideally preferable or used during chilly season and used as sweater. Wear nice heeled shoes or attractive Flats to live up your costume in the summer along with nice and soft vest.


Consider wearing Floral designed tops and over the top you can wear a Vest of your choice. Look at the Outfits while wearing the vest. As a business casual dress, consider wearing a sweater vest which gives you a pleasant appeal. You may look extremely professional in this attire.


Vest worn over a Floral print top exposes a relaxed polished look, while you are on a date.  While going out or moving along with your friends, a pullover vest and a top with Stripe features and a matching denim dark grey pant make you the cynosure of the group. For outdoor parties or wedding functions a suit with vest look fabulous.


Color combination of the vest is very important.  It would be better to select similar shades or with contrast colors and prints. When you wear a vest, your rest of the dress should be trendy and matching with the vest style. Stripe vests will give you a monotone look, while attending any artistic event.  It gives you a modern look.  You can consider wearing dark jeans along with fashion sneakers.  ReoRia is a popular e-shopping center where you shall be delighted to see various attractive fashion pieces matching to your requirements.

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