Two Piece

Two Piece swim suit is known as Bikini swim suit which is a women's bath wear dress. This is a very simple costume with two triangle shaped upper piece which is used cover the breasts and two triangle shaped cloths stitched together to cover the groin and buttocks. The space between the groin and breast, i.e. midriff, portion will be completely exposed.  Polka Dot designs are also seen used widely as a new fashion trend.


Print on Two Piece swim suits are iconic and loved by ladies who like to get noticed.  The design of two piece swim suit was introduced by French designer and engineer Lous Reard and Jacques Heim in the year 1946.  There were stiff resistance from the society and also from religious circles against the dress but gradually it got its roots and established its presence convincingly.


There are varieties of bikinis with Strip design also we can see in the fashion circle.  Bandeaukini, microkini, monokini, pubikini, skirtini, sling bikini, string bikini and tankini are some of the variations seen in the two piece section of swim wear dress. Recently, it has been noted that Vintage two pieces are also surfaced in the fashion world with its strong presence.


Plus Size, two piece dresses are also in demand as increasing number of plus size women are daring to come out in good number and participating in beach parties and activities. With ReoRia online store, you will have all sizes of two piece swim dresses matching to your fashion taste.

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