One Piece

One Piece swimsuit is a skin tight swimming dress usually worn by girls and women. The design of dress is such that it covers the torso of the female. This is good for Beach activities such as skiing, water sports, swimming, sun bath etc. For sports purpose, body skin single piece swim suits are developed.  These types of swim suits can reduce the water resistance and help the athletes to move much faster than the conventional fabrics.


Ladies who are orthodox in exposing their body prefer to wear single swim wear than Two Pieces bikini.  There are two types of swim dresses in Single Piece swim dress, they are maillot and leotard.  Maillot is also called as Tank suit and leotard is also called body suit.


Now a day’s people want to create their presence in a very impressive way. They go to any extend to be in the center of attraction.  As the trend continues, we can see that vintage Bikini started getting momentum.  Women avoiding tight swim wears and looking for vintage style swim wears with bikini muffin top.


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