There are different kind of Swimwear’s and also known in different names such as swimsuit, bathing suit, swimming trunks and swimming costumes.  As the name suggests, these dresses designed exclusively for people engaged in water based activities like swimming or bathing, surfing or water skiing etc. People even use Swimwear during sunbath too.  Men, women and children different type of swim wears.  There One Piece and Two Piece swimwear dresses.


One Piece swimwear with Print is the most common dress used by ladies during swimming competition.Usually it looks cute & vintage. Women love to wear the latest fashion of swim suit, be it for a beach side activity or pool side activity.  With ReoRia, it is available in various fabrics. You can select from Cotton Lycra, Lycra, Micro fiber, and tricot or in nylon spandex. It is also available in sensual soft fabrics with beautiful prints and designs.


Two Piece swimwear dress covers breast portion and groin and buttocks separately. Normally the two pieces are made of same quality and color material to get a matching look. The two piece bikini was said to be introduced since 1946 and since then it has undergone lot of variations.


Polka Dot swimwear is the fashion trend for people, who wish to have changes from the regular single color units. Classic white polka dots in red base dress or blue or pink color will give a Vintage look.  Polka Dot Two Piece swim suit was very much popular during 1960's and it continues its crusade till now.  As it could be noted that fashion trends never dies, it may subsidize for some time and bounce back in full force after some time. Retro Polka Dot two piece swimwear dresses are very munch popular and in demand today.

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