Stripped dresses were a major trend in the fashion world and the charm for stripped dress still continues.  It is a magical design that can do wonders with the presentation and outlook of the wearer. For men and women there is a clear distinction what type of stripe will go with each type of people. At ReoRia, we have wide collection of stripe dresses with excellent color combination suitable for any occasions.


Polka Dot dress has been an inevitable part in the textile and fashion industry more than 200 years. The dress was a hot item in 1960's.  Today Polka Dot is well accepted by teenage girls, and with a pony tail, they look gorgeous. Pleated skirts with strip design on front and rear side gives a great appeal and it goes well with woman and girls of all ages.


Work dress with stripe pattern always a good option. If the stripe pattern are in dark or black base with white stripes, it gives an elegant look. Similarly strip pattern in One Piece dress is a new trend in the fashion world.  Our store is always keep the latest trend in the market and you will never feel frustrated searching through the catalogues looking for the design and texture. 


Our exclusive collation of striped Blouse dresses with matching dot skirts gives an excellent mix of combination that matches with your body contour.  However, while wearing striped dress, you have to be conscious about your body structure.  Vertical stripes can give you a taller appeal.  Petite women should go for thin stripes irrespective of the dress design.

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