Shorts are convenient dress for women and men which are worn over the pelvic area. The leg side go down till the knee if it is a long legged shorts or just ends over the legs or even shorter.  So these types of dress are known as shorts because they are the shortest version of pants. Shorts are ideal to wear during Summer season along with Hats and Sunglasses.


There are so many styles and designs in shorts which are namely; basic shorts, workout shorts, walking shorts, flat front shorts, baggies, compression shorts, swim shorts, Bermuda shorts, boxer shorts and there are so many famous brand shorts. Accessories are very important while  wearing shorts.  Mostly shorts are worn during summer and while you are outing. Sunglasses are essential while going out.  That can protect you from harmful sunrays.


Hats are also an essential accessory that can wear comfortably with shorts. Dress up neatly while you wear shorts. Since your body, especially leg part shall be fully exposed, keep your legs in good shape.  Tone up your leg and thigh portion. Wax it and remove unwanted hairs and apply skin smoothers creams to give a comfortable look and appeal.


Selecting the right shorts is very important. A good thrift shop or online store ReoRia can help you good lot to find the right selection. The shorts should match to your body tone. Make sure that shorts expose your best part of the body in good appealing style. Always buy a matching top that gel well with the shorts.


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