Jewelry is a personal adornment made in gold, other precious metals or with pearls or gems used as necklaces, earring, bracelets or rings and is a fashion statement. People love to wear jewelries in party functions or daily use. Looking on Outfits & Style Tips, there important set of rules, what kind of jewelry one  should wear on special occasions and personal functions.  Yes, for wedding function you wear all those glittering jewelries to flash out your emotion. But when visiting a hospital or a mourning function, you should very selective in wearing jewelries or at least consider avoiding wearing jewelry.


Social changes after 1950s have brought lot of changes even in the thinking pattern of human style. The food habit, co-habit everything changed a lot.  The expression of thinking and pattern of changes are visible in the attires. Bohemia dresses are the reflection of rebellion  mentality that was being suppresses for centuries in the subconscious stage of human mind. While wearing Bohemia matching jewelries are essential to express your bohemian nature.


Long chain jewelries are well matching accessory when worn with long gown dresses something like A-line dress or even with a Vintage long gown dress.  Let anything be your preferred style of dress. But your body structure is important to carry the kind of dress you are wearing. And Handmade jewelry inspired by designer all over the world would match your unique style. Before you make your purchase decision, do conduct an online survey and find out the best online store that can cater your demands.  We, ReoRia are very close to you and ready to cater your demands any time.

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