Belts are used to support trousers or worn around the waist as a fashion accessory.  It is made of flexible leather or heavy woven cloth with flat shape fixed with a buckle at one end to fasten it as per the required size of the body. It is quite intriguing to note that our ancient civilization since Bronze Age onwards started using different forms belts irrespective of gender differences.


Belts are style quotient and used in fashion industry in various colors, fabrics, leathers, rexin, canvas and also in steel chains. Belts can be used by all type of people without any age difference. After done with a dress shopping, you have to go for accessories like Shoes and bags etc., matching to your dress. 


Matching Shoes, for the dress and belt is a must.  Make sure your color of the shoes match with the belt and the Bottom of the skirt fall stylishly above your shoes.  Simple dress sense can create highly fashionable style if the combinations of the accessories are perfectly used. An oversize top supported with a broad belt will be able produce a petite looking personality. 


While using Vintage dress, a matching vintage belt is the best option.  Never go for a sober style belt when you are dressed in vintage style. Also while buying a belt try to get the right waist size for your belt.  If there is no proper holes to buckle your belt in the right place, that will be an embarrassing situation. The belt has to be stay fixed on the waist. ReoRia online store can give you the right kind of accessories and the goods shall be delivered to your location free of cost.

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