Our Mission:

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Our mission is to make people more convenient and efficient to find beautiful clothing from all over the world. Our staffs look for the current most popular clothing in the global internet, cooperate with independent designers offline in the long-term, and sell handmade, unique jewelry, clothing and so on. So it may be that one elegant product is just created by the excellent designer of your country.

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Style Tips:

In order to be more convenient to communicate with customers to discuss outfits & style tips and create own dressing style, we specially set an outfit tips zone where our staff collected current fashion clothing element tips and worldwide friends own dressing styles experience and suggestions. You can leave your own comments for their suggestions, we also will be positive to reply your comments and tips. You also can provide us your own dressing styles and have a chance to get a value of $10-$100 item reward.

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(1) 50's Style Vintage Dress

According to Europe and America original vintage pattern of the 1950s, we designed a batch of Audrey Hepburn, pin up, rockabilly style dress. Dot, frill, skirt, halter and other element characteristics restored the 1950s women’s fashion, sexy and elegance.

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(2) Beach &Bohemian

There are always some people dream of freedom, like sky and ocean. When travel to the beach, they always prepare one floor length dress, sunhat, fashion sunglasses or Bohemian hair band, jewelry which immediately make you fairy. For this, we carefully selected and updated the current most fashion Bohemian clothing.

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(3) Cute Princess Dream

Each girl has a princess dream in heart. They are sweet, innocent, cute and imagine staying with prince in own park and living happily together. Our staffs pick up sweet and cute clothing from every country to create the world’s big park for you.

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